Basic Tools

BasicTools was primary designed as a basic set of tools to work on meshes in the context of finite element computation. The main functionalities of the library are:

  • IO routine : A set of classes to read and write meshes (and solutions fields) from/to a large variety of file formats. BasicTools does not have a proper file format mainly because existent formats provide most, if not all, of the functionalities needed.
  • Mesh manipulation: Routines to filter, define, extract and manipulate meshes in many ways.
  • Fields manipulation: finite element fields can be defined using different kinds of interpolation (P0/P1/P2), in the full mesh or only in restricted zones, and also at integration points. This classes have overloaded operators to make computation of quantities of interest an easy task.
  • Integration: Routines for the integration of weak formulations (tangent matrices, right hand terms, integral over only a part of a mesh).
  • Field transfer: Basic routine to transfer field from one mesh to another.
  • Finite element solver: using all the previous tools, some basic finite element solver are available to solve generic partial differential equations on non structured meshes.

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conda install -c piscodevteam basictools